Public Water Fountains Around Berkley, California

The first implementation of a sugary drinks tax in the USA came in February 2014, when it was passed by the city of Berkley, California. By taxing sugary drinks, the city hopes to encourage more people to go with healthier options, such as water. ft_270__05434.jpg Research was done to ensure that individuals of all races and economic classes had access to thoroughly clean, operating drinking fountains. Using data amassed by a mobile GPS app, researchers were able to ascertain the condition of existing water fountains in Berkley. Specialists then used US Census data to find out even more about the economic and racial issues that affected the city. The experts looked to use both data sets to figure out if demographics were interconnected to drinking water fountain access. The neighboring demographics of each and every water fountain location was made note of, while also ensuring whether race or income levels made a difference in the state of repair of each fountain. Most of the water fountains were dirty or clogged, regardless of the fact that the majority of fountains worked.

Builders of the First Outdoor Fountains

Often working as architects, sculptors, artists, engineers and cultivated scholars all in one, from the 16th to the late 18th century, fountain designers were multi-talented people, Throughout the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci illustrated the creator as a inspired master, creator and scientific expert. With his tremendous curiosity about the forces of nature, he researched the properties and movement of water and also systematically documented his observations in his now much celebrated notebooks. Combining inventiveness with hydraulic and landscaping mastery, early Italian water fountain designers transformed private villa settings into brilliant water displays loaded with emblematic meaning and natural elegance. Known for his incredible skill in archeology, architecture and garden creations, Pirro Ligorio, the humanist, offered the vision behind the wonders in Tivoli. Masterminding the extraordinary water marbles, water attributes and water pranks for the assorted estates near Florence, other fountain creators were well versed in humanistic themes and time-honored scientific texts.